Welcome to our
Leadership Resilience Research Initiative

How ready are you to thrive?

We’re all experiencing the same thing, only differently.” -Adrienne Guerrero, co-founder, A Leadership Beyonda community of conversation. 

We invite you to participate in a study designed to understand and respond constructively to the internal challenges facing leaders. In short, we seek to objectivize the subjective. For example, take the statement “leaders are feeling overwhelmed.” It’s true, as far as it goes. But exactly where is the overwhelm? What mission critical activities are neglected because of it? Bluntly put, so what? Now what?

If you are new to this community, welcome! We are a community of conversation. What that means is our intention is to begin by listening to our audience. You. 

In our listening tour to-date, we’ve identified several areas in which leaders are struggling, and in fact, feeling a bit out of control. This is a good start, but it is a small sample, only anecdotal. 

We use the word resilience to mean more than survive, We see resilience as thriving – at the individual, team, organizational, and societal level. Next level leadership is key to building and sustaining this resilience. 

Your voice matters! We invite you to join us in our effort to understand the challenges and create solutions for developing next level leaders to create resilience in a VUCA world. 

“Tension is the fuel that powers the human enterprise.” — T. Falcon Napier

The process:

We will email you with a link to a ChangeGrid® survey the week of June 19. The survey will take about 20 minutes to complete. You will receive an individual ChangeGrid® report of your responses with an explanation to interpret your results for immediate insight. We will also a short video to guide you in leveraging productive tension to turn insights into action. 

✔ Your responses are kept confidential. Our findings will be presented as anonymous data unless you grant permission to share.

✔ You will be automatically invited to all live and asynchronous events as we evaluate the data and collaboratively design next level leadership support. The event timeline will be announced by mid-July.

We invite you to join us in building leadership resilience, each voice merging uniquely as part of a leadership excellence symphony.     

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The data is gathered using the proprietary ChangeWorks system. At the heart of this system is the ChangeGrid®, the world’s only client-driven, activity specific tool on the market. The ChangeGrid® is NOT a personality test, values survey, preferences assessment, or any other sort of traditional psychometric instrument — but it works in perfect harmony with ALL of them. The ChangeGrid® picks up where they leave off, allowing the professional to put the insights gained from the instrument into positive, definitive motion toward change. As you’ll often hear us say: Change is not an event!