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Building a Leadership Beyond

We’re living and working in an era of emotional upheaval, accelerated change and heightened uncertainty. (Sigh!)

Finally, we are beginning to regain our footing. These are wild times to navigate, with both a richness of opportunity and dangerous pitfalls.

In order to successfully navigate these challenges at the individual, team and organizational level, good communication is essential. We need a map, a framework and a set of tools.

Leadership Beyond… is a community of change leaders who desire to build bridges between business goals and the people doing the work.

In this bi-monthly publication, you will receive a series of articles, interviews, and videos that will connect you with a diverse panel of experts who share the strategies, tools and techniques they are using to meet these challenges and seize this opportunity.

Let’s go! We’re on this journey together!

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Your Facilitation Team

Founder & President, Diamond Mind

Tom Rosenak

Tom created Diamond Mind to help people. He works with individuals, teams and organizations to help them transform and elevate performance and drive results by deploying strengths and improving relationships. He helps people overcome barriers, improve sales and presentation skills, and have stronger executive presence. Once you meet him, you’ll feel the magic and see the tangible results his clients rave about.

Founder & President, Positive Delta

Adrienne Guerrero

A seasoned change management professional, Adrienne’s background is rooted in communication and learning development. In her consulting practice at Positive Delta and in her work with Diamond Mind, Adrienne coaches leaders and teams for resilience, adaptability and team building to implement solutions that increase adoption and improve team and co-worker performance. Adrienne has worked for many years leading global change initiatives in support of new service delivery models and systems. Rooted in behavioral science practices, Adrienne applies a comprehensive analysis and empathetic style to effectively help leaders get to the root of their employees’ change and organizational needs.

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Women in Leadership With Heather H. Bennett

Dear Community, We had to make a slight adjustment in our planned panel discussion on empowering women for executive roles. Originally, we intended to feature a joint conversation with Beth Hilbing, co-founder of C-Sweet, and Heather H. Bennett, partner at Newport LLC. However, due to unexpected travel delays in Chicago, we've had to adjust our format. Instead of a single panel discussion, we'll...

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HR as Strategic Allies Panel Discussion

Dear Community, You’ve heard it said, “Your people are your greatest asset”. (ad infinitum). Well, quiet quitting, the great resignation and other trends make clear, they aren’t an asset, you don’t own them. They are your greatest investment and the leaders that learn to better align talent strategies with business objectives will be better poised for long-term sustainability and growth. We...

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Technology’s Impact on People Strategy: Leading with Heart in the Digital Age

"Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them." -Steve Jobs In today's dynamic business world, technology stands out as a transformative force, dramatically reshaping our workplaces. From AI-driven recruitment to remote work enablers, these innovations do more...

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Let’s go! We’re on this journey together!