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We’re living and working in an era of emotional upheaval, accelerated change and heightened uncertainty. (Sigh!)

Finally, we are beginning to regain our footing. These are wild times to navigate, with both a richness of opportunity and dangerous pitfalls.

In order to successfully navigate these challenges at the individual, team and organizational level, good communication is essential. We need a map, a framework and a set of tools.

Leadership Beyond… is a community of change leaders who desire to build bridges between business goals and the people doing the work.

In this bi-monthly publication, you will receive a series of articles, interviews, and videos that will connect you with a diverse panel of experts who share the strategies, tools and techniques they are using to meet these challenges and seize this opportunity.

Let’s go! We’re on this journey together!

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Your Facilitation Team

Founder & President, Diamond Mind

Tom Rosenak

Tom created Diamond Mind to help people. He works with individuals, teams and organizations to help them transform and elevate performance and drive results by deploying strengths and improving relationships. He helps people overcome barriers, improve sales and presentation skills, and have stronger executive presence. Once you meet him, you’ll feel the magic and see the tangible results his clients rave about.

Founder & President, Positive Delta

Adrienne Guerrero

A seasoned change management professional, Adrienne’s background is rooted in communication and learning development. In her consulting practice at Positive Delta and in her work with Diamond Mind, Adrienne coaches leaders and teams for resilience, adaptability and team building to implement solutions that increase adoption and improve team and co-worker performance. Adrienne has worked for many years leading global change initiatives in support of new service delivery models and systems. Rooted in behavioral science practices, Adrienne applies a comprehensive analysis and empathetic style to effectively help leaders get to the root of their employees’ change and organizational needs.

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Talent Optimization – Finding OUR Ikigai Together.

With a background in staffing, our guest Milan Batinich developed a passion for helping companies and individuals find the right talent and the right work. He started with a company that utilized Predictive Index (PI) for their hiring. At first, he was not a believer, but came to see how powerful a behavioral assessment is in leveraging behaviors and drives to support creating alignment between...

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Thriving Beyond Pandemic

We are called to thrive. Yes, we must first of all survive as signified in Maslow’s Hierarchy. Our community of conversation is dedicated to nourishing the siren call to go beyond, and to be sure to join others as we learn to thrive, despite our challenges. Thriving together. We can get beyond the shock to our world brought to us by accelerated change and exacerbated by the pandemic. But never...

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Practice What We Teach

“…and we decided to eat our own dog food…” -Adrienne Guerrero Rather than having a guest this week, we decided to record the co-founders of this community having a conversation using the Strategic Networking Guide. The strategy guide is the first module in our Strategic Leadership Series. Download your copy here. If we are not already connected, you’ll be automatically subscribed to become part...

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Let’s go! We’re on this journey together!