“Everybody is experiencing the same thing only differently.”

-Adrienne Guerrero, Co-Founder A Leadership Beyond


Our community of conversation has had the privilege to engage in dynamic conversation with remarkable thought leaders, even during one of the most challenging business environments in history. We hope you find these conversations as enjoyable to listen to as we find them rewarding to facilitate. 

Through our interactions, we have noticed patterns and gained valuable insights into the barriers that often hinder the execution of our best personal and professional transformational ideas. It would be redundant to list all the challenges faced by leaders from various directions. We recognize that the runway is turbulent, messy, and filled with competing intentions, leaving leaders with limited bandwidth for thoughtful action.

We have stories to share, and we believe you do too. Our goal is to keep the conversation flowing! However, we acknowledge that our observations have been largely anecdotal, and we feel that YOUR experiences may be missing from the mix.


Leadership Resilience Research – Building leadership resilience in a VUCA reality (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous)

You’re Invited! Before we can build sustainable strategies, it is essential to understand the current situation, the desired situation, and the perceived gap between them. We are seeking data from your experience. (Held confidential unless you give explicit permission otherwise.)

Our target audience: This research is targeted at individuals who are responsible for others, ranging from team leads with one direct report to C-level executives accountable for the people within their entire enterprise.

What does it take to participate?
We are requesting 20-30 minutes of your focused time and thought to complete a survey. The questions we present require reflection on your personal experiences, professional wishes, and feelings. Yes, the activity is more than a few mindless questions that you can fill out quickly between meetings. 

But, wait… we think it’s worth it to you as much as it is to us!


What’s in it for you?
We are aware of that sinking feeling, OH, NO, not another survey! We believe that the time you spend participating in this survey will return immediate valuable insight into areas that require greater attention or a shift in focus (at least, that’s what we heard from our pilot participants).

And, more than that, here are the details:

  • You will receive a detailed personal report, along with a short video that will help you interpret your results effectively.
  • You will be invited to optional live community conversations where we will delve into our findings and extract common themes about leaders’ challenges.
  • Once we conclude the data-gathering phase of this project, we will publish the findings in comprehensive reports, articles, and interviews. 
  • We will provide follow-up summaries, webinars, and other activities and events that we believe will be beneficial based on the results. This will provide multiple opportunities to bring your specific expertise into the conversation.

The primary conversation we have is with ourselves. We don’t speak for you, but confess that our own inner conversations are often noisy and conflicted. We imagine that you might be feeling the same. Taking time to zoom out and think strategically adds value and clarity. It’s a solo activity that often requires a group effort to feel motivated to make the commitment. We hope to bring that to you with this research participation.

We are confident that your participation will benefit you in your quest to become the best leader you can be. We are hopeful you will make space to participate and have YOUR voice in the leadership mix. 

Ready to join us?

Click this link to sign up to participate. We will be sending instructions in early July when we officially launch.

If you have any questions before signing up, please contact us at connect@aleadershipbeyond.com.