“We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

We kicked off our new panel discussion format with the most requested of the seven leadership topics: employee well-being. As we transition from Wellbeing to Self-Leadership, it’s clear that our leadership topics are not isolated silos but rather a tapestry of interconnected themes. Employee wellbeing, which has been our primary focus, naturally leads us to the topic of self-leadership.

When we talk about self-leadership, we are keeping the essence of wellbeing at the forefront of our minds. Self-leadership involves taking responsibility for our own development, health, and mindset, which directly impacts our influence and the overall wellbeing of the company. It’s a personal commitment to cultivating resilience, mindfulness, and a sense of purpose.

This episode explores how self-leadership can further our journey towards holistic, sustainable leadership at the individual, team, enterprise, and societal levels.

To set the tone and context for our panel discussion, let’s begin with a couple of definitions we’ve consistently used. We define “lead” as going before – envisioning the future, embodying values, modeling behaviors, and engaging others to join us in the adventure. In contrast, “management” comes from the same root as “manus,” meaning to handle. Leaders often handle many tasks but, without purpose and direction, can end up frenetically busy, yet going nowhere.

In our experience, a recurring theme, especially since the pandemic, has been the lack of time to think strategically. Leaders are often caught up in day-to-day reactions, leaving no space for proactive thinking. This highlights the tension between surviving immediate demands and thriving by creating a compelling future. This tension ties directly into our previous focus on wellness. Survival and thriving are in a constant tug of war. Without deliberate space for strategic thinking, we react rather than respond.

In this dynamic conversation, our panelists explore various perspectives on this tension and seek strategies for higher self-leadership. The goal is to navigate the demands of the present while steering towards a brighter future.

We thank our panel, Marlowe J. Weingart; Kristin Lamar; and Amanda Norris for THIS dynamic conversation sharing their passion, insight, and practical strategies on self-leadership. (see show notes for bio and contact information)

The overarching question framing this conversation: How can we as leaders prioritize self-care while meeting personal and organizational demands?

Highlights of this conversation include:

  • Burnout is real and demands attention, as does the need to acknowledge and provide support at all levels.
  • Leadership begins with self-awareness and continues through self-awareness to foster a culture of acceptance and support.
  • Community and collaboration as foundational values for happiness (Nordic countries model).
  • Conversation as a cornerstone to creating positive change. Keep talking! That’s how we normalize, learn, and connect.
  • Continuous effort needed (a practice, not a project). That means prioritizing the importance of culture in creating an environment conducive to flourishing.

This conversation was enthralling, and the time flew by. Let’s take a moment to pause, breathe, and express our gratitude. We encourage you to keep the conversation going. Feel free to reach out and ensure your voice is heard as we continue to nurture our community of conversation.

Together, we are creating A Leadership Beyond. Stay tuned!

To connect with our panelists:
Kristin Lamar
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kristinlamarinspires
Website: Kristin Lamar Inspires
Instagram: www.instagram.com/kristinlamarinspires

Amanda Norris
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/amanda-s-norris-m-a-b4067132
Website: Sustainable Mental Wellness
School-based Mental Health Roundtable event: School-Based Mental Health Roundtable – Sustainable Mental Wellness

Marlowe J. Weingart
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/sproutwithmjw
Website: www.humaneresourcing.com
Email: sproutwithmjw@gmail.com