The genesis of C-Sweet, the premier global community of female executives, serves as an inspiring tale for entrepreneurs. Dianne Gubin, actively engaged in running and participating in various networking groups, sought a new community that crossed industries and business boundaries. Faced with the challenge of not finding precisely what she was looking for, she embraced the entrepreneurial spirit: if it doesn’t exist, create it. Collaborating with her trusted friend, Beth Hilbing, marked the beginning of C-Sweet, and the rest is history.

From its humble origins in a small conference room in Century City, C-Sweet has blossomed, now spanning seven cities with a membership of several hundred and a distribution list exceeding 25,000. Beth Hilbing shares a story that resonates with many women executives—a tale of being deeply immersed in her work during her corporate ascent, inadvertently letting her network fade. However, faced with a career transition, she recognized the importance of a vibrant network. In reconnecting and rebuilding her network, Beth did land her new position at Boeing. Joining forces with Dianne in C-Sweet ensures that other women never have to start over from scratch.

Beth’s experience serves as a reminder for executive women at any stage of their career journey. C-Sweet offers a lifeline, allowing women to stay connected to a dynamic network where they can have fun, learn, grow, support and be supported. The message is clear: with C-Sweet, executive women can foster meaningful connections and navigate their professional journeys with resilience and support.

This conversation covers a lot of ground for business leaders including:

  • Only one or a very few females in the executive room.
  • Maintaining lighthearted attitude about differences. Beth on golf “I’ll drive the cart and drink the beer.”
  • Gratitude and appreciation for your partners, including their differences.
  • Shared values are more important than style differences. They are Co-CEO’s and it works!
  • The member experience is what matters most. How can we serve our members drives everything they do.
  • The co-founders are on the same page in the vision, when individual differences pop up, they resolve them quickly through conversation.
  • Conversation on what makes their programming unique and powerful
  • The challenge for leaders today
  • Tips for engaging (or not engaging) with toxic personalities. Creating a culture where ego driven toxicity is the exception rather than the rule.

We’re thrilled to share this inspiring conversation with you, and we can’t wait for you to join us on this journey with C-Sweet. Your questions and comments are always welcome.

See you soon!
Adrienne & Tom