We are hearing the clarion call for a new model of leadership in this age of unprecedented change.  

In our latest conversation Marika Messager shares her early experience as a young woman, working in the toxic, fast-paced, male dominated financial services industry. Her first experiences of questioning the root causes of toxicity were about her personal survival in a difficult world.

Through her experiences, she came to understand that we needed a new paradigm of leadership based on different values of co-creation of understanding of inclusion, acceptance, compassion and collaboration. 

Marika is one of the pioneers of Conscious Leadership, which is now becoming more and more a topic of discussion. Ten years ago, before it was generally understood, Marika began really unpacking what it means to be a conscious leader and how do we create conscious leaders one at a time? 

In this riveting conversation, Marika brought forth a thought-provoking dialogue that underscored the importance of considering the topics discussed and the value of active listening. Her insights and perspectives hold significant value for both the individual leader’s development, the organization, and society, making this interview a valuable source of individual inspiration, reflection, and conversation with those you touch. 

A few highlights:

– Marika’s compelling perspective on environmental conservation stressed the urgency of adopting sustainable practices and individual responsibility, emphasizing the broader impact on the planet and future generations.

– Her personal journey, marked by milestones and challenges, offered a powerful testament to the transformative power of resilience and determination.

– Marika’s current projects and initiatives, aimed at making a positive societal impact, served as a call to action for those looking to effect positive change in their communities.

– Her discussion on the evolving landscape of technology and its societal implications sparked a deeper consideration of the choices and consequences that accompany technological advancements.

– The interview’s optimistic conclusion, where Marika expressed hope for a brighter and more sustainable future, underscored the collective power of informed decisions and active engagement, highlighting the interview’s overall value in inspiring meaningful change.

To learn more about Marika Messager and her work visit https://consciousleadership.org

To connect with Marika on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/conscious-leadership-coaching-consulting.

Reach out to us anytime and see you next time!  


Tom & Adrienne