“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” -Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein’s quote above might lead one to believe that he possessed only a modicum of talent. However, history tells us a different story, as he was undoubtedly a genius in his own right. Nevertheless, the extent of our inherent talent is something we cannot control. What we can control, though, is how we harness and manifest our talents in our professional endeavors.

As certified Predictive Index partners, Adrienne and Tom underscore the paramount significance of valuing every individual’s unique talent while recognizing our shared humanity. They are experts in the realm of talent optimization, and their expertise empowers us all to unlock our full potential and collaborate more effectively by leveraging our distinct strengths.

Adrienne and Tom’s insights illuminate the path toward personal and collective growth, reminding us that even without possessing Einstein’s level of talent, we can still excel and thrive in our respective domains.

In this episode, we dive into the remarkable journey of Diane Kubal, the founder of Fulcrum Network and a longtime friend of our community. Early in her career, Diane’s frustration with sales led her to an extraordinary revelation about her innate talents. She possessed a natural gift for networking and an insatiable curiosity about people’s endeavors. Diane harnessed these talents to secure a job and eventually built a thriving business rooted in her passion for learning, development, and connecting people.

Fulcrum Network, the brainchild of Diane’s vision, assembles diverse talents to solve complex business challenges. But Diane’s journey does not stop there. She continues to reinvent her business, guided by the same unwavering passion and strength. Her profound curiosity about people and their struggles, coupled with her keen listening skills, unveiled a new opportunity.

Today, Fulcrum Network is at the forefront of supporting consultants, trainers, and coaches in adapting their wealth of knowledge and experience to the digital landscape of modern learners. Through gamification, social communities, written feedback, and more, Diane’s team empowers professionals to create engaging blended learning experiences that connect with their audiences to learning in new ways. They are helping business leaders rethink their employee learning strategies as well as enabling consultants to revolutionize their delivery models.

Diane’s journey exemplifies how a profound love for people and the ability to connect can lead to unexpected and extraordinary pathways. Join us as we explore her inspiring story and the fascinating world of talent, curiosity, and passion.

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To connect with Diane, reach out to her at dk@fulcrumnetwork.com or connect with her on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/dianekubal.