“True winners understand the way to reach their goals is not through willpower but through the will to learn and grow. Most true competitors know the battle is not outside themselves but within their minds.”
-Coach Sherry Winn 

In this inspiring conversation with Sherry Winn, a remarkable two-time Olympian, National Basketball Coach of the Year, and three-time bestselling author on Amazon, we delve into the profound lessons she has learned on her leadership journey. Sherry’s life began in a challenging environment, filled with dysfunction and bullying, but she refused to let adversity define her. She persevered, not only becoming an Olympian but also a world-renowned coach, author, and motivational speaker. 

Sherry’s story is a testament to the power of inner resilience. She urges us to consider how we respond to adversity, what we can learn from it, and who we can become through persistence. 

Leadership resilience, she emphasizes, is primarily an inner game. 

During our conversation, Sherry shares valuable insights, including: 

  • Tips on bouncing back from adversity.
  • The understanding that everyone faces approximately 48 life disruptions; no one is immune to challenges. Sherry reveals the transformative power of listing the positive outcomes that can arise from difficult situations. 
  • The importance of adopting an adventurous attitude and viewing life as a journey. 
  • Embracing the “Q tip philosophy” – Quit Taking it Personally. 
  • Shifting the perspective from “what it (or they) did to me” to “what did this do for me.” 
  • Practical suggestions for escaping the victim mentality. 
  • Starting with acknowledgment of our shared humanity, recognizing that humans make mistakes, and approaching them with compassion. At the same time, we must not allow our mistakes to define us and keep striving for excellence. 
  • Working within a team we are reminded that together, we can become better humans. 

Join us in the Winner’s Circle with Coach Sherry Winn as she dedicates her life and work to teaching, guiding, and empowering others.  

For more inspiration and information, visit Sherry’s website www.thewinningleadershipcompany.com

Discover how to overcome setbacks, thrive in the face of adversity, and become a resilient leader by tuning in to this compelling conversation with Sherry Winn. 

Tom & Adrienne

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