“When the well’s dry, we know the worth of the water.” – Benjamin Franklin

We are excited to publish the opening salvo in our series of panel discussions aimed toward addressing the most pressing challenges faced by business leaders today.

It makes sense to begin with wellbeing, as this topic received by far the greatest share of votes in our topics of interest survey. More than that, employee wellbeing is essential for all our business strategies to have hope of success. Humanity first is a core principle of this community. Lastly, we don’t have to look far to see the financial, morale and engagement drain from failure to address wellbeing.

Our guests for the first panel are:

@Dr. Lesley Page, professor of organizational leadership at Lewis University.

@Dr. Michele Kramer, holistic nurse and currently the track coordinator for the healthcare leadership track at Lewis University.

@Jeremy Vesta, Chief Operating Officer of Curally. Curally allows for organizations to provide personalized nurse-led healthcare to their employees.

This panel of experts is well suited to address wellbeing from the individual, team, enterprise, and societal level.

There is often a great disconnect between the business case for wellness and the business case. Leaders must build bridges between the business and people strategies.

In this dynamic conversation, we discussed:

  • The importance of raising our consciousness of self-care and how we can create a lifelong sense of nurturing ourselves by finding an intrinsic motivation.
  • Research in resilience that looks beyond survival and asks how we can thrive through crisis.
  • Mindful leadership opens the opportunity to develop broader perspectives on the holistic organization. Again, we see how our internal lens allows for a global lens; care for yourself, care for the world. Understanding the qualities which lead to fulfillment and thriving at work can help leaders to create environments conducive to meaning at work.
  • Health care costs are out of control, pressuring HR to “do something about it.” Expecting HR to have the expertise to solve this crisis directly or alone is unrealistic. Innovative partnerships such as Curally offer the path forward that makes business sense and human sense. Curally created a relationship-based system that will bring personalized care to employees with a focus on prevention.
  • Alignment of compassionate leadership to wellness and growth can be fostered to scale wellbeing. An employer is not capable, nor would it be appropriate to have the type of discussions a nurse care practitioner can. Through Curally’s model, the employer can effectively do this with confidentiality.

We are hopeful! Our guests demonstrate the great possibilities that leaders have for leveraging the current wellbeing crisis to transform themselves and their organizations toward better health, better work, and a better world.

To quote Dr. Page from a previous interview, “Leaders, this is your moment.” We CAN do it, but not alone! @A Leadership Beyond is committed to being a conduit for the resources and connections needed for this vision to be realized.

Many experts expressed interest in being part of this discussion – so we’ll continue this topic with additional guests. Please reach out to us if you’d like your voice in the conversation. We will be publishing topical reels as well as being open to articles, posts and 1:1 interview.

“See you next time!”

Thank you.

Adrienne & Tom