“First say to yourself what you would be;
and then do what you have to do.”

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As we journey towards our upcoming series of discussions, transitioning from one-on-one dialogues to engaging in expert panels, group coaching sessions, live events, and leader forums, it’s crucial to preserve and elevate the invaluable insights from our wealth of collective wisdom brought to us by our previous guests. 

This week, we draw inspiration from stoic philosopher Epictetus, whose timeless wisdom resonates deeply in our modern lives. Our guest, Paul LaLonde, shares his encounter with Epictetus’ work, highlighting its accessibility and relevance.  

Wisdom at the Heart of Good Leadership

In this video short, Paul LaLonde delves into the practical wisdom of Talent Optimization. If you’re intrigued by this snippet, dive into the full interview in our archives.

Remember, philosophy stems from the love of wisdom. It’s not merely abstract mental exercises; it’s about pursuing a better, more fulfilling life. Co-founder Adrienne Guerrero emphasizes the importance of resourceful questioning in leading diverse teams through evolving landscapes.  

  • Who are you? (self-awareness) 
  • Who are we? (team, enterprise) 
  • What is the work? (as dynamic as self and others) 

Paul underscores the transformative potential of data in framing conversations—not to pigeonhole individuals, but to understand strengths, caution areas, and diverse needs. 

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Upon receiving your results, Adrienne and Tom will guide you through leveraging this information to embark on the endless adventure of answering the three questions that lead to better work and a better world. 

Stay tuned for our new series. Details coming soon! 

As always, we remind you to reach out if interested in joining in one of our conversations. Your voice matters to us! 

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