“We Live in a world our conversations create.” – David L. Cooperrider


This short video captures some of the conversation we had in our initial power lunch series, “Leadership Beyond Pandemic.”

After this series, we asked What’s next? We dropped the word pandemic as we realized creating a new reality in this era of accelerated change and emotional upheaval requires A Leadership Beyond…

Adrienne can do it! But not alone.

Tom can do it! But not alone.

YOU can do it, but not alone.

Your voice matters in our community of conversation. Can’t wait to listen with you.

The top two values of our community (our top 5 will be published shortly) are :

People first – You’ve heard it said, “our people are our greatest asset”. They are not an asset; we don’t own them or control them. Rather, they are our greatest investment. (Time, money, energy.) We seek return (personally and professionally), and we desire our counterparts to have equal or greater return on investing their strengths in our shared values and objectives.

Quality Conversation – Let’s start with our conversations. At its root, it’s “to change together.” Conversation can be transformative. It’s an exchange. Of energy, words, perspective, time, of care.

Thanksgiving provided us an opportunity to catch our breath and reflect on our gratitude.

Adrienne and Tom are grateful to this emerging community and committed to growing with you as we create a fresh and meaningful work experience in turbulent times. Together!

Tune in/chime in:

We have one more conversation to publish this year:

Barbara Frankel, an expert with over thirty years of experience in training and coaching career development for world-class companies such as JP Morgan Chase and American Express. She will help us transform the great resignation into great retention.

We will publish our conversation with Barbara Frankel on December 21st. Stay tuned!

We will take a publishing break as we work on building the foundation for our new podcast (more on that soon).

We kick off the New Year by publishing our conversation with Internationally recognized leaders in the Appreciative Inquiry community, Jackie Stavros and Cheri Torres. We are excited to discuss their recently published Second Edition of Conversations Worth Having.