Welcome to Leadership Beyond!

Adrienne and I began our collaboration with big ideas for our work together and the impact we could have in the business world. We thought big and intended to start big.

Boom! Pandemic. Change. Clients. Change. No more details and certainly. No pity party here, as we are aware that you have your own version of this unprecedented disruption.

Your world has changed. This change is accelerating. This so-called new normal will not just happen. To create a world that we would choose to live in, it is essential that we create new leaders as well as nurture a new leadership.

It’s time to cultivate… a leadership beyond.

Adrienne and I had great temptation to say, “let’s wait and see what happens”. Maybe we can do something next year when things get back to normal. It is easy for us to react to change. But true leaders respond.

Watch the short video and you will see that Adrienne and I began this collaboration with a simple, but resourceful question: What can we do, right where we are, with what we have? Think big. And be willing to start small.

Adrienne and I took the first step, a lunch and learn followed by the creation of this platform. But it is not about us. We desire to facilitate conversation with leaders, who are willing to share from their perspective, knowledge, and experience.

Send us ideas, inspiration, content, resources, suggestions, feedback, anything that might be of value to fellow positive change agents.

We can do it, but not alone.

Welcome to Leadership Beyond, a community of conversation.