Tom and Adrienne caught up with Eric Zemaitaitis, HR Director at a major healthcare system in Chicago. The challenge statement that opened our discussion: What are the challenges organizations face when relying solely on HR to develop leaders? 

Leadership development courses are fantastic. But then the expert goes away – the external consultant is no longer engaged or the in-house facilitator from HR moves to the next thing. As Tom said “continuous, small reinforcements rather than big events is the way!” We agree, but practically speaking how is this accomplished? 

In this casual chat, we explore how can we facilitate leadership development, so it makes a real difference and becomes “how leaders lead here”? Grab your cup of coffee and listen in as Eric, Tom and Adrienne share ideas to reinforce, retain and further grow the skills gained during those leadership courses. 

We’d love to hear your ideas for helping leaders continue to practice the skills they gain during formal learning. What have you done to help leaders continue their journey to become leaders their people want to follow? 

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