Interview with Dolores Priegnitz

A recurring theme for Leadership Beyond has been the need for more empathetic leadership, stemming from our experience during the pandemic (survival mode), and continuing as some of us have found a bit of our footing (although the evidence suggests that collectively we’re a far cry from a sense of being grounded again).

Tom and Adrienne had the opportunity to interview Dolores Priegnitz, an HR professional, change management expert and life coach.

To help us stay anchored to our empathic leadership intention, Dolores created the acronym LOCAL as a reminder, as well as a practical rudder to keep us headed in the right direction in the face of crazy headwinds that easily take us off course.

Our interview discusses the 5 practices of LOCAL leadership and why it’s vitally  important to reimagine Human Resources and foster a Leadership Beyond.

Have a listen… and then write this on a sticky note to keep within your sight as you lead your people!

Listen to employees, leaders, and other colleagues to understand the challenges

Observe the behaviors, pain points, internal and external cultural influences

Communicate at all levels, across the organization, up and down

Act deliberately and as quickly as possible to minimize loss in morale and productivity

Lead by example and partner with formal and informal leaders to garner support

 Stay tuned as we engage leaders for their insights on the art and science of creating effective and sustainable Hybrid work teams.

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Tom & Adrienne