…As a consultant focused on what we used to call large scale transformation programs, helping Fortune 500 companies execute major change in their organization, their processes their business model. I was doing a lot of change management, and no matter how effective the processes and approaches to change were, they often failed. There seemed to be an element missing. I came to realize when I came across Predictive Index the missing element was people. We thought of change at the systemic level but were not able to get down to the level of teams or individuals.” -Olivier Aries, discussing his journey into people analytics 

The principals at A Leadership Beyond are Predictive Index practitioners precisely because we are passionate about putting people at the center of leading change at the global and local level. Putting people first is the right thing to do, but we need to establish the business case as well as the moral case. Without a framework (Talent Optimization and tools – Predictive Index Assessment), even the most well-intentioned people initiatives fall short. 

This conversation with Olivier focuses on the Diagnose component of Talent Optimization, which is a tool to measure engagement of the people that leads to strategic action to fill any identified gaps. 

Here are a few of the highlights of this dynamic conversation:


  • The importance of pulling people data in at the start of the change initiative.
  • Engagement defined as the amount of discretionary effort employees put into their work above and beyond what is necessary to stay employed.
  • You can’t directly impact engagement. Instead, we must focus on what drives engagement, and what causes poor engagement. To impact engagement, leaders need to understand and act on the primary levers to better engagement.
  • Right people in the right environment. Even the best people will fail in a toxic environment. We need to address the company culture, the team design, and the individual drives.
  • The importance of evaluating your readiness to act before you stir the pot with an engagement survey. You lose credibility if you aren’t committed to act. Be mindful of your capacity to change.
  • The power to leverage data in an aggregate, team, and individual level. Just as self-awareness is a critical leadership skill for individuals, so can it be for teams and the entire system. Predictive Index empowers organization to scale awareness to create action to drive results (execution) by aligning business strategy to people strategy.   

At the end of the day, creating an environment for high engagement results in execution. This is where business strategy and people strategy meet. People who are proud to be a part of the strategy, producing better work, and creating a better world. That’s Talent Optimized!

To discover how to realize these benefits for your organization and your people, contact us at connect@aleadershipbeyond.com.


Tom and Adrienne