Conversation with Brian Ahearn, personally trained by Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D., and one of only a dozen Cialdini trainers in the world.

The principles discussed in this conversation are used by every despot, con man, cult leader as well as every unscrupulous marketer and salesperson.  Gasp! 

If the above is true, why study these principles at all? 

The reason understanding these principles is vital to your leadership is because they are culled by social science from the study of human behavior. In other words, wherever humans gather, these principles are continuously in operation, whether you are aware of them or not. Your success in life depends on your ability to gain the cooperation of others. That’s why Brian can boldly and accurately proclaim the subtitle – Secrets to Success and Happiness.

The fact that these principles are in operation gives us a real choice:

  1. We can ignore them 
  2. We can exploit them through manipulation or deception
  3. Or we can leverage them ethically for better relationships and greater results

The author and A Leadership Beyond concur: Ethical is not negotiable!

Among the valuable gems in this stimulating conversation with Brian:

  • 3 things that differentiate ethical influence from manipulation
  • A concise summary of the 7 principles of persuasion
  • An acronym to help us D.E.A.L. with differing styles
  • Concrete examples to help us learn the practical application of this wisdom

We highly recommend Brain’s most recent book, The InfluencerSecrets to Success and Happiness

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Adrienne and Tom are confident you’ll enjoy and benefit from this conversation.

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Tom & Adrienne