“Good questions inform, great questions transform” -Ken Coleman

Asking the right questions, with clear intention is fundamental to personal transformation.

Good news! In this community of conversation, we never have to do it alone.

Heather H. Bennett brings over two decades of experience as a marketing strategist to life in her excellent book:

Fun and Fulfilling Careers One Question at a Time

The book feels like a workshop, partially because it began as a workshop but also because Heather’s brilliance is to help us discover our personal brand. Rather than tell us, Heather helps draw the answers from our depths.

How? Insightful questions!

Regardless of where you are in your career, it is valuable to keep asking in case we need to realign to ensure our career is a bright reflection of our values and core strength. The better this alignment, the more fulfilling and impactful our career will be.

A few highlights from our conversation:

    • The book makes a great gift for the recent graduates in your life.

    • Keep your eye on the highest mountain top AND keep your feet on the ground.

    • Leaders grappling with the great resignation should actively support career development of their talent.

    • Revisiting these career questions periodically is a good way to help prioritization. The job demands can overwhelm the career need.

Heather originally studied biology. She liked biology because living things are wonderfully unpredictable. Living things are constantly changing and growing — and not always in predictable ways.

That brings us to a common theme among our guests. If we are going to change, let’s add intention and purpose to the mix. That does not bring predictability, and definitely no certainty, but it just might bring fun and fulfillment!

We are proud to announce that Heather recently completed a certification qualifying her to sit on a board of directors. This achievement demonstrates that Heather H. Bennett continues to develop her career, one question at a time.

We are confident you will enjoy this conversation and benefit from the book.

As always, we invite your voice in the conversation.

Tom & Adrienne