Talent optimization is a strategic process to drive results by aligning business strategy and people strategy. To accomplish this, leaders must focus on organization, team, and individual needs.

The Great Resignation provides an opportunity for business leaders to refine their strategies for recruitment and retention by engaging in rigorous support of career development.

The word align can become a buzzword—overused and underleveraged. At a certain level, we know the ingredients to successful talent retention. But how clear is our focus? Do our actions line up with our talk? Or are we throwing money and people at the problem, crossing our fingers that we meet our business goals?

We are thrilled to announce a conversation with Barbara Frankel, an expert with over thirty years of experience in training and coaching career development for world-class companies such as JP Morgan Chase and American Express.

Listen to this brief audio as Barbara highlights the ingredients leaders must align to ensure both individual career paths and organizational success.

You can create a culture for the best place to work future.

We will publish our conversation with Barbara Frankel on December 21st. Stay tuned!

As we prepare for Thanksgiving with our families and friends, we are so grateful for this Community! We hope you will continue to join our conversations. Contribute your challenges, insight, experience, or questions about career fulfillment and development aligned to the leadership challenges of the Great Resignation.

Tom & Adrienne


Announcement – Conversation with Jackie Stavros and Cheri Torres

“We live in the worlds our conversations create” -David L. Cooperrider

We will facilitate our conversation with Jackie Stavros and Cheri Torres in mid-December. We have decided this conversation will be a powerful way to begin the New Year. Appreciatively with inquiring minds.

Adrienne and I will also post an audio review of the powerful second edition of Conversations Worth Having.

This book is highly recommended for your Holiday reading!