“Whether in business or our personal lives, clarity comes from having a clear sense of the self. When we are aligned with our inner wisdom all things are possible.”  -Kristin Lamar

We hear the clarion call to “bring our whole selves to work.” Despite this, the fear of competing agendas and possible friction from diverse religious affiliations, can create an environment where people are hesitant to bring their spirituality to work.  We are body, mind, and spirit; the whole person is not present if we deny the soul in our work. 

What’s a leader to do about this challenge?

In a riveting 30-minute conversation, Kristin Lamar offers us tips on how to become more conscious as leaders and to muster the courage to better align mindsets – professional, mental, and soulful.

The attempt to separate body, heart, mind and soul leads to dissolution and loss of power, insight, authenticity, creativity, resourcefulness, and creativity. 

Kristin shows up in a way that builds instant trust as she encourages us to trust our inner wisdom and highest self – everywhere, including at work.

Conscious alignment is our superpower! Here are a few gems gleaned from our conversation with Kristin. 

  • Tuning into wisdom, consciousness, and connection helps leaders to elevate their work and thus elevate the team.
  • As human beings, we are deliberately created this way, which means “we can’t show up without our soul.” Its not “woo-woo.” We can’t turn our soul off. What would happen if we truly tuned in and became more conscious?
  • The business case is clear: empowerment, health, and better relationships. 
  • Professionals don’t go to work – People do. 
  • Creating a community mindset helps to transcend competing individual agendas that can destroy the team dynamic. What a community mindset has that is often missing with a team mindset is compassion.
  • The focus is people. People must change from the inside out. That must be applicable to the work environment, too. Keep the focus on people and trust the wisdom.
  • We need more leaders willing to model bringing the whole self, including soul, vulnerability, and compassion to work. 
  • The importance of centering frequently. Center your energy before meetings, projects and in every transition throughout your day. We can learn to do this in very short practices. A breath, a gesture, or some little practice to bring presence to each activity. Close energy off and invite fresh energy in. Kristin likens this practice to Clark Kent going into the phone booth and putting his Superman cape on.

We thank Kristin for practical wisdom on how to be more soulful and present at leaders. 

To connect to Kristen and her work: 

To learn more about the The Relationship Matrix Men’s Group that she just launched, visit this page of her website.


Tom & Adrienne