Short video as we set the sail for a dynamic conversation on Hybrid Leadership

We’ve all noticed an acceleration of trends that were bubbling up before Covid.

The gig economy increased remote work, demand for greater flexibility in when, where, and how to work have increasingly challenged organizational leadership.

Dr. Grant, an organizational psychologist at the Wharton School of business, recently published an article:: The Real Meaning of Freedom of Work:

“When Covid untethered us from our offices, many people experienced new forms of flexibility, and the taste of freedom left us hungry for more. We started rethinking what we wanted out of work. But the Great Resignation is not a mad dash away from the office; it’s the culmination of a long march toward freedom. More than a decade ago, psychologists documented a generational shift in the centrality of work in our lives. Millennials were more interested in jobs that provided leisure time and vacation time than Gen Xers and baby boomers. They were less concerned about net worth than net freedom.”

Ok, easy to read and say, YES, we want talent, we’ll be flexible. If only it was that simple. From the same article:

“In a study led by economist Michael Gibbs, when more than 10,000 employees of a large Asian IT company started working from home during the pandemic, productivity fell even as working hours increased. The researchers didn’t measure the physical and emotional toll of Covid, but the data showed that people got less done because they had less time to focus. They were stuck in more group meetings and got interrupted more often.”

We (leaders) must navigate the choppy seas of reimagining work in a human-centered way with a holistic approach – Life balance with boundaries, meaningful work experience, dynamic relationships, service to the broader community, and profit.

We don’t come with the answers; rather, we come with a desire to foster a community of conversation to learn together.

Please take a moment to watch the short video as we set the sail for a dynamic conversation on Hybrid Leadership.

We hope your voice, experience, and perspective are in the mix!

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