Lee Mozena, founder of Zena Consulting, has a background that positions her well to support leaders as they navigate the challenges of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). Lee has vast experience in Marketing communication; she facilitates strategic conversations for business, government, and community leaders with a lens on diverse populations She asks the necessary tough questions that people are hesitant, embarrassed, or afraid to ask.

A Leadership Beyond has collaborated with Lee since our beginning and we are excited to bring her insights to our community of conversation.

Here are a few gems from our interview:

    • Leaders need to rise to the challenge of the triple bottom line – beyond the financial bottom line. Decisions need to be:
          1. good for the people
          2. good for the environment
          3. good for the

How that’s done is difficult. The foundation is – not surprisingly – better communication.

    • The marketplace and workplace are increasingly multicultural, not only gender, race, and nationality, but also generational, neurological, and more. Leaders that face this reality, assertively yet graciously will meet greater success on the triple bottom line.
    • Define the elephant in the room for your organization. What component of DEI is a potential issue you want to explore? What does DEI mean for your organization, your marketplace, your employees?
    • Starting a DEI Initiative and providing “training” can be a starting point, but we need to pay attention to sustainability. This initiative cannot be solely departmental; it must be top down, bottom up, and across. It must be core to the business strategy and embedded in organizational processes.
    • Continue to ask the obvious question that often isn’t asked: “Who needs to be at the table?”.

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We thank Lee for joining us in conversation. We encourage you to put your voice in the mix and welcome your experience and perspective.

Tom & Adrienne