“Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the mouth.” ~Mike Tyson 

A recurring theme in our community is that COVID has challenged our assumptions, forced us to rethink strategy, and raise our leadership game. And it has led many of us to amazing transformational change, whether we intended to or not.

The journey of leading transformational change must always begin in each of us, AND fortunately we never do it alone. The best we can do is watch, listen, and learn with other leaders that have great perspective, insight, and broad experience.

It was a thrill to have the opportunity to engage with Ian Ziskin, accomplished leader, and lead author of the recently released book The Secret Sauce for Leading Transformational Change.

This powerful book is a collaborative project, with two hundred voices contributing. Each contributor concludes with leadership suggestions for action, making the format of this book especially pragmatic. Because of the number of contributors, each author must be concise. Ian points out, “Over 200 voices in just under 200 pages.” The book is perfect for skimming as well as deeper reflection on what resonates most. Great for summer reading!

The contributors to The Secret Sauce are drawn from Consortium for Change – Business inSITE Group (C4C), a community co-founded by Ian, consisting of a network of seventy-five successful coaches and consultants. The additional authors are business leaders with experience leading transformational change.

Listen to this dynamic conversation with Ian to gain these insights:

    • Three “Ts” important to leading transformational change

    • Reflections on reimagining Human Resources

    • Explanation of wholistic systemic change vs. situational

We are confident you will benefit from this conversation on transformational change and anticipate the book to be added to your summer reading list.

If you’d like to take it even a step further and bring the conversation of The Secret Sauce to your people, let us know, we’re happy to make that connection.

We would love to hear your thoughts on leading transformational change!

Tom & Adrienne