Conflict Transformation with Judy Ringer

If you know any martial art, you already recognize how the principles can be applied to resolving conflict. Aikido is a martial art with a core principle of non-harm. “Render the attack harmless without harming the opponent.”  Our conversation with Judy gets right to the center of how this practice can be applied.  


Judy Ringer was in Real Estate, a business that puts you in the center of conflicting, emotionalized counterparts. Her dominant tendency was to accommodate, to please the people. She became interested in conflict dynamics and took a class offered by Thomas Crum, then drawn to pursuing both Aikido and conflict transformation. Judy uses the principles and movements of Aikido as a metaphor for every day emotional conflict. She continues to practice and teach Aikido as well as her own training company.


Judy gives us tips on centering, awareness, cooperation, practicing our non-dominant conflict style, listening, letting go of the need to be right, difference between conflict management and conflict transformation, and much more!


Wherever you are in your power and presence journey, begin. Begin again… and again. That is why we call it practice.


We do not have to do it alone! Judy Ringer brings years of experience to guide us. Listen to our conversation with Judy and check out these resources below:


We highly recommend you read her book,  Turn Enemies Into Allies 

Judy also shares a tip sheet for having difficult conversations: Checklist for difficult conversations 

You will find many other valuable resources at Judy Ringer | Power & Presence Training 



As always, we welcome YOUR voice in the mix.

Tom & Adrienne