We are thrilled to announce some upcoming enhancements to A Leadership Beyond!

First, a reminder of how our community of conversation began with an awareness, intention, and a reality check – and how that has shaped this community.

Here’s how it happened:

Adrienne and Tom got connected through a collaborative community and discovered that Positive Delta and Diamond Mind have complementary skills and serve similar clients. More importantly, we learned that we align on values:

  • People matter most in any business initiative. 
  • Collaborative efforts are more effective and soul nurturing.

We agreed on a vision for relationship and results. We found a client needing a large scale, people first change initiative. We submitted our first joint proposal. Then…

Reality Check!

You guessed it, COVID hit. Neither we nor our clients could manage the type of initiative we had in mind. All the unknowns: kids’ school schedules, lost billing, uncertain direction.

So, we took a breath and we reset, asking “what CAN we do?”

Our answer: We launched a Lunch and Learn entitled Leadership Beyond Pandemic as we anticipated getting “back to normal”. 😊

The Lunch and Learn series affirmed our inclination that we enjoyed and worked well together.  

And now, here we are! With you in this community! As we have, we will continue to feature a written blog and interviews with thought leaders. But we’re leveling up!

Coming Soon! We’re really excited to be closer to where you already are!

Podcast! Our conversations will be distributed across platforms giving the community multiple channels to access our conversations. Within 30 days (hopefully by our next publication!) you will find us on iTunes and others.

LinkedIn! Follow our new A Leadership Beyond page to stay in touch more easily and share your insights and ideas. 

New Branding! You’ll notice that our branding has been updated as well, and more enhancements to our website will release soon.

We invite you to listen as Adrienne and Tom share how we’ve benefited from our partnership and what we believe you will gain by joining us in this adventure.

Help us grow! (shameless plug) We ask that you invite your friends and enemies to join this growing and vibrant community. 

“see” you in a couple of weeks.

Tom & Adrienne