Before becoming an independent consultant, Ann asked for feedback to determine the core value she provided.  


The answers she got pointed in one direction: Ann creates clarity out of complicated issues. She points out that people often don’t know they are looking for clarity. They know they want to solve a problem. Ann’s business is called Uncommon Clarity. 


During our conversation with Ann, we quickly recognized the urgency of the problem of disclarity (not a typo!) and how costly it really is. In fact, the first chapter of The Power of Clarity is entitled “We Aren’t as Clear as We Think We Are… and it’s Costly”.  


Among the many gems in this conversation: 


  • We spend an enormous amount of time in meetings and often there’s very little – or the wrong action lists – that comes out of them. The problem is that we start without a clear idea of what’s supposed to be different when we are done.  
  • Our agendas are filled with “treadmill verbs” (yes, you use them!) when you should be using “destination verbs” to get to a better outcome. 
  • Decisions aren’t always as big as we think; they are a series of “cascading decisions” and there’s a way to break it down. 
  • Unlocking clarity includes three pillars: specificity (where are you going?), process clarity (how will you get there?), and focus (how will you avoid distraction?) 


This conversation is filled with insights for immediate application (really! Ann shares a very easy way to get started toward achieving more clarity) as well as a framework for continuous improvement on the continuum toward Uncommon Clarity. 


We are confident you will enjoy and benefit from this interview. Visit these websites to connect with Ann. 


Uncommon Clarity Website 


Power of Clarity Book Website 


As always, we welcome your voice in the conversation 


Tom & Adrienne