Leadership Resilience Research Launch

We are thrilled to unveil the commencement of our groundbreaking research project.

We invite you to participate in a study designed to understand and respond constructively to the internal challenges facing leaders.

Within our vibrant community of impassioned individuals, we are committed to nurturing a brand of leadership that transcends the ordinary. Our members, thought leaders, and esteemed guests all share a fervent aspiration to surpass the confines of convention, striving to elevate both our work and the world we inhabit. We possess an inherent inclination toward visionary thinking and strategic approaches.

However, in an environment that often engulfs us, leaving us struggling to stay afloat and devoid of the precious time and mental space necessary for forward contemplation, one must question the likelihood of us attaining our optimal potential as leaders.

We earnestly hope that you will not only consider joining us in this research project but also encourage those within your network to embark on this transformative journey alongside us. Together, we can create an inclusive and dynamic environment where diverse perspectives converge, fostering an atmosphere of collective growth and learning.

By engaging in the research study, you will gain great insight into yourself, and a deeper understanding of your emotions and perceptions with the way that you navigate your leadership role and the challenges you face. You will gain crystal-clear clarity as you reflect on your mission-critical leadership activities.


This survey is specifically designed for individuals who hold positions of leadership and responsibility within their organizations, ranging from team leads overseeing a single direct report to CEOs who are accountable for the personnel of their entire enterprise.

What’s in it for participants?

This survey is not a mere check-the-box exercise, but rather requires thoughtful contemplation and introspection. It offers a unique opportunity to delve into the realm of self-reflection, granting you the invaluable space to ponder what a better version of yourself as leader truly entails. You will receive a comprehensive report that not only reflects your survey responses but also serves as a guiding tool to unlock your leadership potential and propel you towards becoming a more effective and impactful leader. 

Your investment

While participation in this survey is free of charge, we highly recommend allocating a minimum of 30 minutes to fully engage with the process and another 30 minutes to derive maximum value from the subsequent report. We will provide instructions at the back end to support you in benefiting fully from the report. Taking the time to reflect on the report is key to leveraging its insights effectively.

Follow the link and you will be guided on the process and informed of every learning opportunity along the way.

Leadership Resilience Research Initiative

We eagerly await your participation and the prospect of embarking on this remarkable voyage together.

Tom & Adrienne