We have an exciting announcement as we move toward our expert panel on Reimagining HR.

Karen Jaw-Madson, author of Culture Your Culture will be joining us in the discussion, bringing her unique, powerful, and proven perspective as we dive more deeply into and expound on several themes that are emerging in our community of conversation. out this clip  from an interview Tom had with Karen when she released her book:

Design thinking for people strategy

Reimagining HR is reimagining work within the culture and:

  • Must be with intention and created by design
  • Must be people-centered
  • Must make business sense

Karen will help us to see the necessity to create DOWE-Rs across the organizations.

if you are curious about this acronym, and its relevance to your success, stay tuned for our conversation.

Or, if you choose not to wait, order your copy at this link.

Designing meaningful work experiences is doable, and our profit, sustainability and career fulfilment depend on it.

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Adrienne & Tom

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