A few weeks ago, we told you about our research project and asked our community which leadership challenges are your biggest struggles. Our poll results are in, and these are the top 3 areas where leaders feel most out of control:

Top 3:

  1. Time for strategic thinking
  2. Engagement and productivity
  3. Matching the right person to the right job

What jumped out at us: We are struggling with “cultural ADD” – what we mean is that we are pulled in so many directions, with many interruptions and distractions that we are struggling to focus on what matters most.

This is impacting our overall wellness. We need action before it consumes us.

As we’ve mentioned, we’re diving into this with a research project to better serve you, the leaders in our Community of Conversation. Every day, leaders in every industry around the world are losing their impact and they don’t know why and what to do about it. We do.

The pulse of leadership in our world today (VUCA!) is changing and the better we understand how it’s changing and what that is doing to your day-to-day, the greater leadership support we can provide you.

Would you like to participate? Submit a comment below to be added to the research project list.