With a background in staffing, our guest Milan Batinich developed a passion for helping companies and individuals find the right talent and the right work. He started with a company that utilized Predictive Index (PI) for their hiring. At first, he was not a believer, but came to see how powerful a behavioral assessment is in leveraging behaviors and drives to support creating alignment between the individual, the culture of the organization, and the work to be done. 

From the foundation of staffing contact centers, Milan has become a certified PI trainer and is certified through Stanford University on human behaviors and how to coach people for high performance. Recently, Milan has launched a motivational speaking business helping leadership teams learn about finding their Ikigai (Japanese concept that combines the terms iki, meaning “alive” or “life,” and gai, meaning “benefit” or “worth”). 

Among the key points emerging from our conversation: 

  • You can’t manage what you can’t measure. For example, Milan sites a company he worked for with 60 employees experiencing a 90% turnover. Using people data, this company lowered their annual attrition rate from 90% down to 14.9%. 
  • Knowing what the job entails and the requirements of the work both cognitively and behaviorally makes it possible to do a better job of matching people to work. 
  • Finding the right fit works as well for existing employees as it does for recruiting. Milan shares an example of two internal employees mismatched and the solution turned out to be switching roles. We tend to throw work at people and people at work. Predictive Index used with the Talent Optimization framework helps us be more intentional. 
  • Coaching becomes more effective when we understand ourselves, the person we are communicating with, and the shared goals we are striving toward. Without this awareness we tend to coach based on our own style. 
  • The default of most companies for motivation is extrinsic. We establish rewards and benefits but ignore the intrinsic motivation. Predictive Index helps uncover internal motivations. 

You’ll notice Milan uses specific examples rather than abstract concepts to illustrate each point. While it’s true that each situation is unique, it’s equally true that there are patterns that recur. 

Understanding these patterns can help us apply these proven principles to your unique situation. 

What is it our co-founder, Adrienne says? “We are all experiencing the same thing, only differently.” We invite you to experience the power of people data for yourself to help you lead transformational change in your unique situation. Raise your hand if you’d like to schedule a 30-minute discovery call. 

We look forward to listening with you! 

Enjoy the conversation! 
Tom & Adrienne 

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