“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” -Simon Sinek, author best known for “Start with Why.”

Listen to Fran’s story; reflect on your career story:

This week we are honored to hear the story of one career journey.  

Although this is only one woman’s story, we invite you to pause and reflect on your career journey. 

The frenetic pace of our work and the challenges of each day make it difficult to take a moment to step back, zoom out, and reflect on our own career journey. This neglect can result in our being swept away in a river of reactivity rather than designing a career that challenges us, grows us, fulfills us, and allows our strengths to expand our contribution. Do not blink or 15 years vanish!

The lockdowns of the pandemic created a new space for reflection. This reflection allowed more people to demand that work provide greater meaning than a role and a paycheck – and a continuous run around the hamster wheel.

Fran chose to remain anonymous and off-camera to be as open, authentic, and free from concern of what the neighbors may think.

Fran recently made the decision to part with her employer of over 30 years. She is charting a new path, better aligned with her values and work style. You can hear the youthful excitement at the new level of engagement. 

Fran expresses no regret, or remorse, as her career has been successful by any measure. And yet, as she reflects, she becomes consciously aware that she did more reflecting, she could have shortened the time it took to reach the decision to move on. She did not create space to pause and ask herself the right questions about her work style, fulfillment need, and the culture of the current company.

A Leadership Beyond exists to support the alignment between the business strategy and people strategy – to drive results with people not at the expense of people. (Talent Optimization) 

This cannot be merely top-down or bottom-up. To be sustainable, this reflection must happen at the individual, team, and organizational level.

It is our hope that as you listen to Fran’s story you will take time to reflect on yours. And if you would like a partner in finding critical insights from that reflection, we can help. 

And as always, we hope you share your insights with us.