This week’s episode aims to connect with the community shortly after launching our Leadership Resilience research.  

We’re excited about the insightful responses we’ve received from early participants. This graphic pulls out a few of our findings – listen to the full episode for our deeper reflection. 

It’s a lot to ask, we get it! And we are confident it’s worth it! We acknowledge that some of our trusted community members have committed to the self-evaluation but haven’t had the 20 minutes needed for thorough self-reflection. We get it! Asking for 20 minutes is a lot.  

This situation underscores one of the fundamental principles guiding our initiative:  

  • Advancing leadership to the next level requires creating room for reflection in a landscape filled with competing priorities and constant demands.  
  • Simply put, we aren’t committed to filling our own cups first and making time for our development. 

We hope the insights shared in this episode will encourage you to participate, both to gain self-awareness and add your insights to our research so we can fine-tune the events, interviews, and support that we plan in the future. 

To learn more about how you can benefit and participate in the research, visit our research page.

We will keep you updated as the results flow in and as always welcome any questions or comments from you.  

Tom & Adrienne