Positive Delta and Diamond Mind have been kicking off the summer with vacations and holiday celebrations, but Adrienne and Tom continue their conversations in pursuit of a reimagined HR. (Though, videos from the beach didn’t work out!)

In our last publication (read it here), we rounded up a summary of challenges from HR thought leaders and teased you with the acronym LOCAL, created by Dolores Priegnitz, an HR professional, change management expert and life coach (and someone you want in your network!).

Today, we begin the deeper dive we promised. Dolores highlights the challenges she sees facing HR professionals and organizations today and introduces a helpful framework to meet these challenges. We need to get LOCAL.

If HR professionals have learned one thing over the past 12-16 months, it is that we must take care of our own: families, friends, businesses communities and all people.


For most organizations, the pandemic highlighted the critical role HR plays in keeping employees engaged, safe and connected while working remotely and supporting them through organizational, technical and other challenges.


When “Reimagining HR,” leaders and partners must take on different roles to meet the ever-changing competing demands of the new workplace.


Business continuity is critical to deliver quality products and services that exceed customers’ expectations and drive profitability.


So, HR for the 21st Century and certainly post-pandemic needs to:

Listen to employees, leaders and other colleagues to understand the challenges

Observe the behaviors, pain points, internal and external cultural influences

Create programs and solutions in collaboration with those affected by the changes

Act deliberately and as quickly as possible to minimize loss in morale and productivity

Lead by example and partner with formal and informal leaders to garner support


Organizations that give their employees “People Power” to address current issues and avoid future pitfalls recognize that its brain trust is their PEOPLE. This calls for “Reimagining HR” and HR to possess a LOCAL mindset.

Next time, on July 20th, we are excited to share with you our interview with Dolores to unpack each step of LOCAL.