When it comes to communication, Catherine Johns wrote the book. And did the radio show. And gave the talk. Catherine’s audience benefits from her years of experience on the stage and in the studio. 

What do you say about yourself, your work, and the value you offer? And how are you perceived while you say it?

She offers a practical path to making a stronger impression when you speak in a meeting, on a conference call, at a rally or anywhere else. A catalyst for compelling communication, Catherine can show you how to create more impact and achieve greater success. 

Even in a short interview, Catherine demonstrates the skills she teaches. She has practiced long and hard at connecting with the audience, being clear and concise and knowing how to manage the unexpected. As you listen, notice the power and impact of the pause. Catherine wants to be sure she is clear on the question before answering and that she leaves space for us to process. And the answers are clear, crisp, concise and on point. The encouragement for us is that these are learnable skills. Not easy, but learnable. With Catherine, it appears easy because she has had years of practice – over 25 years in radio and more as a platform speaker, consultant, and coach. 

Among the practical gems in this conversation:

  • How to show up better in meetings
  • How to position yourself better on camera
  • The importance of being concise, especially on virtual platforms
  • Curating your visual background for authenticity
  • How to prepare for impromptu 
  • The power of the pause
  • How to handle the unexpected gracefully
  • How to talk about your work in a concise and engaging way

We hope you enjoy and benefit from our conversation with Catherine Johns as much as we have!

Connect with Catherine:

Catherine Johns: What does it take to be heard? You will want to subscribe to her extraordinary blog. Catherine looks at politics, culture and the events of our everyday life through the lens of how we can be more compelling communicators. Insightful. Practical. Actionable. 

Pick up her book: Show Up and Shine

In Show Up and Shine, Catherine Johns explains in practical, concrete ways, how to use your body and your voice to create more confidence. You will discover how to increase your charisma, so you become more magnetic in business and in your personal life. This book addresses specific issues that confront women, habits that have been ingrained in girls for generations, barriers that keep females from playing full out. Read it. Practice the Action Steps. And learn how to shine.


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