Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, and power and magic in it.
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Adrienne and Tom, co-founders of this growing community of conversation, decided to practice what we continually teach and need to remind ourselves and others to do.

For our last recording of 2022 (first post of 2023), rather than have a guest, we took time to breathe, pause, celebrate, and reflect. Before digging in for the work of the exciting new year, let’s reflect on where we’ve been and set our intentions for the new year.

Reflection on where we’ve been:

  • Wow! Let’s celebrate our collaborative journey. Adrienne and Tom sensed they were meant to work together, and the normal channels, the familiar forms of business collaboration seemed temporarily closed for COVID. ☹ Well now, what CAN we do?

    Our journey began with a lunch and learn, morphed to a blog, a podcast, and a community of conversation featuring over 40 insightful recorded conversations and over 300 new followers. And we are growing organically and rather quickly. If you have benefited from these conversations, we invite you to join the conversation- apply to be a guest thought leader, comment on the posts, invite your friends, or we’d welcome any suggestion for improvement.

  • We learned our intuition was sound and demonstrated that combined, two heads, hearts, and briefcases are far greater than one. If this terminology is unclear, we invite you to stay tuned to our talent optimization series and gain insight on how to activate the whole person in the work environment.

Now, setting the sail for our journey in 2023:

Primary objective – Deepen our engagement with YOU, our community of conversation. Here’s how we intend to do that:

  • Using a proven proprietary research tool, we are going on a “listening tour” to understand the challenges you face. Not merely your business challenges, but the challenges you face personally and professionally in your role as a leader. The insights we gain from conversation with leaders will help us ensure that our Strategic Leadership Series is tailored to your greatest concerns. We are here to support and nurture A Leadership Beyond.

  • We are proud to announce the upcoming publication of our inaugural primer to our Strategic Leadership Series, the Strategic Networking Guide. We begin with networking because whatever your goals and aspirations are for 2023 and beyond, leadership success always depends on gaining the cooperation of other people. You’ll find this guide to be easy to tailor to YOUR personal style. We expect this to publish next week – as a subscriber, we’ll send it directly to your inbox.

  • Continue to engage dynamic, innovative, people-centered thought leaders to share insight, inspiration, and strategies to nurture the “leader beyond” in us all.

Happy New Year to all!

Adrienne and Tom