Tom and Adrienne spent time with Karen Jaw-Madson, owner of consultancy Co. -Design of Work Experience and author of Culture Your Culture. Although this conversation concludes our series on Reimagining Human Resources, in a sense, the topic never ends. The vision for this community is to provide insights, ideas, and network that enables us to reimagine leadership considering our new reality. To build sustainable and thriving organizations, culture must continuously be in focus.

The discussion formed around the question, “what does culture have to do with HR?”

We explore why NOW is a critical time for organizations to assess their culture against their values and the needs of their people – employees, customers, community, and selves.

Here’s a hint – there’s more demand for a caring organization. 

Cultures are woven by threads of the little things, the day-to-day behaviors that leaders and all employees demonstrate what really matters to the organization. Culture and values are experienced, not just proclaimed.

Values and mission statements can be written on the walls, but it’s the way people show up and what behavior is encouraged and reinforced that defines the rules and expectations of the organization. 

Karen explains that “culture is the thing behind everything. Anything that has the power to affect and influence perceptions, behaviors, mindsets…” 

So, exactly how does an organization assess their culture and change it? It doesn’t happen by accident unless you want to leave it up to chance. If there is a desire to shape a culture to support those values and mission statements, it takes intention and a well-executed plan.  

Karen draws from, and brilliantly merges her knowledge of design thinking, HR practice, appreciative inquiry, as well as other disciplines. Most importantly, Karen stays people-focused from a business result perspective.

Listen to our interview with Karen to understand how you can diagnose your current culture (team or organization) and the steps you can take immediately to impact your culture. Truly, a leadership beyond!

Your voice matters. As always, we invite you to join this conversation.  

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